The Object
A new Definition of Exclusivity

Buchtstraße Front view

How do you define exclusivity? Sumptuous design or spacious layouts might be two things that come to mind. But there are things that money can’t buy. This includes the privilege of living in a place that is truly unique. A modern group of buildings is planned directly on Hamburg‘s Outer Alster Lake. Some will feature historical facades that impressively reflect this exclusivity.

Picture yourself here

It’s a typical Hamburg vista encompassing Germany‘s most famous and stunning inland lake, surrounded by sensational villas and the greenery of Alster Park. Exclusive. Unique. At theVIEW this backdrop is a daily delight. It’s part of a new and exquisite way of life where the joys of nature’s wonders and the fast pace of the city mingle. Exclusive homes, pure and simple. A new definition of exclusivity.

At a glance

  • Exclusive location on the Alster Lake with a superb view
  • 30 luxurious urban apartments with 1 to 4 rooms
  • 62–304 m2 in size (667–3,272 sq. ft.)